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What's New?

  1. 15 Mar 2016

    Europass Testimonials Competition

    Europass Testimonials Competition will run be open from 1st to 30 April 2016, 24:00 Central Europe Time (CET).

    How to participate?

    Go to the Europass Facebook page and post a short story.

  2. 11 Jan 2016

    Tell us your opinion about the Europass CV and win a prize!

    Help us improve the Europass CV by completing our on-line survey!

    It is anonymous and no personal details are recorded.

    Thank you for your contribution.

  3. 1 Dec 2015

    Post your CV to Eures, the European mobility job portal

    By creating your Europass CV online, you can now post it directly to Eures, the European Mobility Job Portal, which allows your CV to be visible to thousands of employers throughout Europe. And much more.

  4. 17 Nov 2015

    Sign languages and their translation available in the online editor

    Users of the CV online editor can now select a European sign language as mother tongue or other language.
  5. 23 Jun 2015

    Self-assess your digital competence online

    It is now possible to carry out a self-assessment of digital competences (information processing, communication, content creation , security, problem solving) through the Europass CV online editor, using levels and descriptors.

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