Connect with Europass

Nasjonale Europass-sentra

I hvert enkelt land ( i EU og EØS), samordner et nasjonalt Europass-senter alle aktiviteter i forbindelse med Europass-dokumentene.

Dette er det første kontaktleddet for enkeltpersoner eller organisasjoner som er interessert i å benytte eller lære mer om Europass.

Hva er nytt?

  • Connect with Europass - Interoperability video online

    You want to learn more about interoperability with Europass? Watch the new video.

  • The Europass online editor is very popular - Results of the 2016 user survey

    From December 2015 to March 2016, National Europass Centres carried out a survey on the Europass online editor, to have a better insight of users’ needs.

    The survey was conducted in English, French, Greek and Finnish and over 10, 000 people replied to it. The results are very positive. Many of the users pointed out the user-friendliness of the editor and the good structure of the CV. The majority of the respondents made a Europass-CV following a recommendation.

    Download the infographic summary and the full report.

  • New graphic identity for the Europass website

    The Europass website undergoes a radical redesign with a new, modern graphic identity. Improved navigation provides quicker access to the most popular information.