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What's New?

  • Europass website available in Polish and Norwegian

    The Polish and Norwegian translations of the Europass site are now available on-line. This brings up to 17 the number of languages in which Europass is available. Hungarian and Czech will soon follow.

  • Europass celebrates its 1 year-old birthday!

    Having been launched on 31 January 2005, the Europass website is now celebrating its first birthday!

    With a lot of positive feedback and an increasing number of visitors, Europass is now available in 15 languages (recent additions: Slovak and Latvian); another 10 languages are on the way.

    Upcoming new features for Europass include:
    - Web Services for generating Europass documents;
    - implementation of the Europass Binder; and
    - XSL stylesheets for viewing the Europass XML format.

    Should you wish to propose any new features and enhancements or to make any suggestions, please feel free to do so through the "Your Opinion" page.

    Website statistics (1 Feb 2005 → 31 Jan 2006):

    - Total visits: 2,002,487
    - Total downloads (Europass templates, examples, instructions): 3,299,090
    - Total CVs or Language passports generated on-line: 352,100
    - Average visits per day (Jan 06): 7,452
    - Average downloads per day (Jan 06): 10,198
    - Average on-line generations per day (Jan 06): 1,683

    Happy birthday Europass!

    Statistics 2006

  • Europass website available in Estonian

    The Estonian translation of the Europass site is now available on-line.

  • Europass website available in Finnish

    The Finnish translation of the Europass site is now available on-line.

  • Europass "phase 2" is online! - Europass website available in Italian

    A new development batch has been brought on-line at the Europass site.

    New features include:

    1. An XML-based facility which enables visitors to upload and re-edit their CV and ELP data
    2. Much faster generation of CVs and ELPs at the "On-line creation" tool.
    3. Availability of CV and ELP templates in the OpenOffice format, in all available languages.

    and miscellaneous other improvements.

    The Italian version of the Europass site has become available on-line.

    Development work goes on, aiming for new web tools to manage and incorporate the Europass Mobility document (ex-"Europass-Training") and the Europass "Binder".

  • Europass website available in German

    The German translation of the Europass site has become available on-line

  • Europass statistics May 2005

    After 4 months of operation, the Europass site has had ca. 630,000 visits, with ca. 200,000 downloads and on-line generations of the Europass CV and the Europass Language Passport.

    About 5,000 persons are visiting the site every day. Most downloaded files:  the Europass CV examples and instructions.

  • Europass website available in 9 languages

    Portuguese is the latest languages in which the Europass site is available. Previous language versions launched were: English and French (01/2/05), German (21/4/05), Swedish (25/5/05), Dutch (8/6/05), Danish (17/6/05), Greek (24/6/05) and Spanish (29/6/05).

    The aim of Cedefop and the European Commission is to have the Europass site, along with all the Europass instruments, instructions and on-line creation tools, available in 25 languages by the end of the year 2005.

  • 10 National Europass Centres operational

    The list of National Europass Centres has been updated following the launch of NECs in several countries, specifically:

    Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom

    For a full list of available URLs, see National Europass Centres (NECs)

  • Europass launched

    On 1 January 2005, the Europass was introduced into European law. The Europass has been introduced to help people make their qualifications and competencies more easily understood in other EU countries. The Europass was officially launched on 31 January and 1 February at a conference in Luxembourg, which was then holding the presidency of the EU.