CV Templates and Instructions

Instructions to create your CV

Europass CV consists of 7 sections: One: Personal information, Two: Job applied for, Three: Work experience, Four: Education and training, Five: Personal skills which consists of mother tongue and other languages, communication skills, organisational skills, job related skills, computer skills, other skills, Six: Additional information which includes publications, presentations, projects, conferences, seminars, honours and awards, memberships, references), Seven: Annexes. Europass CV template consists of two columns: do not change the content of the left column, which contains the headings and instructions embedded in accessibility labels; use the right column to insert your personal data. Sections are separated by a blank space.

Five basic principles for a good CV

  1. Concentrate on the essentials. Be brief: two A4 pages are usually more than enough, irrespective of your education or experience.
  2. Be clear and concise. Use short sentences. Give specific examples.
  3. Always adapt your CV to suit the post you are applying for. Highlight your strengths according to the needs of the employer and focus on the skills that match the job.
  4. Pay attention to the presentation of your CV. Present your skills and competences clearly and logically, so that your advantages stand out.
  5. Check your CV once you have filled it in. Correct any spelling mistakes, and ensure the layout is clear and logical.

How to enable macros in Microsoft Word 2003

The CV template contains two keyboard shortcuts that enable you to automate tasks.
  1. Type Shift + Alt + T to copy paste the table in the sections Work experience, Education and Training and Other Languages. The cursor should be placed within the table.
  2. Type Shift + Alt + L to delete any lines left empty after having completed your CV.

To use these two automated functions, macros should be enabled in your Microsoft Word application. To enable macros, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Tools menu, click on Options, then Security, and Macro Security.
  2. On the Security Level tab, select Medium, and click on OK.
  3. Go to File menu,and click on Exit to quit Microsoft Word.
Important: You must quit and restart Microsoft Word for the security level change to take effect.

This sets the security level to Medium. When you reopen the document, a prompt to enable or disable macros will be displayed.

Download the Europass CV template

Language CV Template
English CVTemplate
français CVTemplate
ελληνικά CVTemplate

Language skills self-assessment grid - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

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Computer Skills - self-assessment grid

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