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Национални Europass центрове

Националните Europass центрове съществуват във всяка държава (Европейски съюз и Европейска икономическа зона) и координират всички дейности, свързани с Europass документите.

Те са звена за директен контакт от страна на лица и организации, които се интересуват от информация за използване на Europass документите.


  • Post your Curriculum vitae to Indeed

    By creating your Europass CV online, you can now post your Curriculum vitae to Indeed and can search millions of jobs online over 60 countries and 28 languages.

  • 150 million Europass CV created online since 2005

    Between February 2005 and November 2019, 150 million Europass curriculum vitae (CV) have been created online.

    In 2019 alone, there were 25 million Europass CVs completed online - some 200 times more than in 2005 !

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  • Increased use of Europass in 2019

    Visits to the Europass portal (30,099,551) increased by 13 % in 2019, CVs generated online (25,082,536) by ca 13%, and cover letters (2,268,666) by 11 % compared to 2018.

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