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  • green skills


    Abilities needed to live in, develop and support a society which aims to reduce the negative impact of human activity on the environment.

    • generic green skills help develop awareness-raising or implementation of resource-efficient activities, ecocitizenship, etc.;
    • specific green skills are required to implement standards and processes to protect ecosystems and biodiversity, and to reduce energy, materials and water consumption;
    • highly-specialised green skills are required to develop and implement green technologies such as renewable energies, sewage treatment or recycling.  
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  • guidance and counselling / information, advice and guidance (IAG)


    Range of activities designed to help individuals to take educational, vocational or personal decisions and to carry them out before and after they enter the labour market.

    • guidance and counselling may include:
      • counselling (personal or career development, educational guidance),
      • assessment (psychological or competence/performance-related),
      • information on learning and labour market opportunities and career management,
      • consultation with peers, relatives or educators,
      • vocational preparation (pinpointing skills/competences and experience for job-seeking),
      • referrals (to learning and career specialists);
    • guidance and counselling can be provided at schools, training centres, job centres, the workplace, the community or in other settings.
    Cedefop, 2008.
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