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Europass profile

The new Europass, available from July, will enable you to create a personal portfolio to describe and share the skills, qualifications and experience developed throughout your life.

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The new Europass will offer you the chance to create a free profile where you can record all your achievements, skills and qualifications in one personal secure online space.

You can use the information in your profile to create tailored Europass CVs and cover letters, using different templates, for your job or course applications. After creating new documents with just a few clicks, you will also be able to store them in your Europass library for future use. You will also receive interesting job and course suggestions based on your skills and interests.

The new Europass will also offer relevant information on jobs or learning opportunities across Europe. The information will also include important national contact points and services to support find job or learning opportunities.

You can create as many versions of your Europass CVs as you wish. You will always keep the control of your personal data and decide with whom you want to share it.

Of course, these tools will be available in 29 languages and for free.