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New Europass

How to get the most from the new Europass?

The new Europass tools, available in July, will help you make the best use of your skills, qualifications and experiences through one simple registration.

Take the next step with the new Europass tools!

For new Europass to work for you, make sure that your profile describes all your achievements and that it is kept up to date.

When creating a new Europass profile, fill in every step. List all your qualifications, experience and achievements and use the self-assessment tool to describe your skills, goals and interests.

Providing a complete profile will help new Europass to give you access to relevant learning and job opportunities across Europe. A comprehensive overview of your skills in your new Europass profile will also help you keep track of your learning and career development.

Remember that you decide which parts of you profile you want to share. For example, when applying for a job, use the most relevant assets of your profile.