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  • Post your CV to Eures, the European mobility job portal

    By creating your Europass CV online, you can now post it directly to Eures, the European Mobility Job Portal, which allows your CV to be visible to thousands of employers throughout Europe. And much more.

  • Sign languages and their translation available in the online editor

    Users of the CV online editor can now select a European sign language as mother tongue or other language.

  • Self-assess your digital competence online

    It is now possible to carry out a self-assessment of digital competences (information processing, communication, content creation , security, problem solving) through the Europass CV online editor, using levels and descriptors.

  • 2005 - 2015: Happy Birthday Europass !

    On 1st February 2005, Commissioner Ján Figeľ officially launched Europass and inaugurated the official website, then available in English and French only.

    More than 100 million visits were recorded since, and 50 million CVs were created online in 27 languages. This success is largely due to the active support of National Europass Centres.

  • Europass interoperability campaign launched

    Cedefop and National Europass Centres have launched a campaign to raise awareness of employment services and businesses on the benefits of interoperability with Europass:

    • for end-users: no need to fill in the same information on different platforms;
    • for organisations: increased attractiveness through compatibility with a widely recognised European service.

    Download the interoperability flyer

  • CV template available for visually-impaired

    A CV template dedicated to the specific needs of visually-impaired users has been developed in cooperation with the Thessaloniki School for the Blind.

    This template is available in English and French at:

  • New Europass online editor launched

    A new Europass online editor was launched on 15 October 2014. New features include:

    • more intuitive, simplified look and feel for increased usability;
    • optimised, responsive layout compatible with tablets;
    • interoperability with LinkedIn: users can import their LinkedIn profile to create a Europass CV. Data of Headings Personal information, Work experience and Education are uploaded automatically to the Europass editor;
    • import and export of CVs, language passports, cover letters and ESP from/to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive).
  • New glossary - Terminology of European education and training policy (Second edition)

    What is the difference between skill gap, skill needs or skill shortage? Is underqualification a synonym for undereducation or underskilling? What is the meaning of green skills?

    This multilingual glossary defines 130 key terms used in European education and training policy.

  • Europass cover letter editor is up and running

    A cover letter editor was launched on 7 April 2014. Main features:

    • user-friendly online interface with direct preview of the final document;
    • layout in line with the Europass graphical identity;
    • assistant menu (right click) with wording suggestions.
  • New Language Passport online

    A new Europass Language Passport (template and online editor) was launched on 9 December 2013. Improvements include:

    • more user-friendly online interface with direct preview of the final document;
    • new graphical identity for better legibility of Language Passport generated: new font, use of colours, simplified headings, etc.