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  1. 2 cze 2014

    New glossary - Terminology of European education and training policy (Second edition)

    What is the difference between skill gap, skill needs or skill shortage? Is underqualification a synonym for undereducation or underskilling? What is the meaning of green skills?

    This multilingual glossary defines 130 key terms used in European education and training policy. It is an extended and updated version of Terminology of European education and training policy (2008) and Terminology of vocational training policy (2004). It considers new priorities of European Union policy, mainly in skills and competence needs analysis.

    New definitions have been developed with experts of Cedefop’s "Research and policy analysis" area.

  2. 11 kwi 2014

    Europass cover letter editor is up and running

    A cover letter editorwas launched on 7 April 2014. Main features:

    • user-friendly online interface with direct preview of the final document;
    • layout in line with the Europass graphical identity;
    • assistant menu (right click) with wording suggestions.
  3. 11 gru 2013

    New Language Passport online

    A new Europass Language Passport (template and online editor) was launched on 9 December 2013. Improvements include:

    • more user-friendly online interface with direct preview of the final document;
    • new graphical identity for better legibility of Language Passport generated: new font, use of colours, simplified headings, etc.
  4. 16 paź 2013

    Europass website available in Macedonian

    Добредојде! The Macedonian version of the Europass website is now online. This brings up to 27 the number of languages in which Europass is available.

  5. 1 sie 2013

    Europass interoperability portal launched

    The new Europass Interoperability portal is up and running at

    This portal gathers in a clear and concise way technical information concerning Europass interoperability, such as:

    • data model and interchange formats underlying Europass documents

    • web services to integrate Europass with other software applications

    It is mainly targeted at software developers, recruiters and employment services.

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